Practicing Precision for the Piano

Piano Lessons

sam plays the painoThe technique performed by my student Sam is a technique that I teach to all of my students. It assists them to predict clearly when every notes is to be played. It is an aural indicator that is as clear for the student as a visual indicator and it allows them to continue to focus on the motion of the music through attention to the music’s pulse, beat, meter and rhythm.

Sam came in for his lesson and had worked at home utilizing this technique and creating precision while playing the song. Because of this work, I was able to assist Sam to increase his tempo and remain precise in the execution at the same time. Sam has been playing for about two months.

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Sam’s first piano performance.
The following video shows Sam playing Row, Row, Row Your Boat. By following the pulse of the music, Sam was able to more than double his speed and still maintain pulse, beat, meter and rhythm.
Way to go Sam.